avast! Pro AV + IS v6.0.1000 Final

avast! Pro AV + IS v6.0.1000 Final
avast! Pro AV + IS v6.0.1000 Final
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One of the best antivirus available in today’s market has finally released which will eventually lead to the launch to the next major edition. Avast Antivirus 6.0 saw the light recently with some changes, additions and improvements that are seeking to confirm Avast’s reputation as one of the best developers of online security products (also internet security).

The first thing that users will encounter is the addition of WebRep, a browser plug-in that is supported by Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome and with which you’ll learn the reputation of a website in just a glance. How does it function? Whenever you do a web search, this add-on will display a series of indicators next to every link which specify whether the website is to be trusted or not. This information is provided by thousands of users that rate the different Internet pages they encounter.

Additionally, the incorporation of the Autosandbox feature will give you a more secure environment to try all the contents you download from the Internet. So, if you have a suspicious file you’ve just downloaded from the Web, Avast will try it in a protected and defined space (usually referred as “sandbox”) avoiding the potential harm the executable can make to your system.

As many of you might already know, Avast Antivirus comes in two separate editions: Free and Pro. There are improvements in both versions as well. If you’re one of the millions of people that uses Avast’s free antivirus protection, you’ll be glad to learn that starting with the 6.0 edition, you’ll count with the Script Shield and the SiteBlocking features. Both are great tools to prevent online threats from infecting your PC while surfing the Web.

Pro users will have the opportunity to test the recently added SafeZone, a utility that creates a special virtualized area that can be used to make online transactions in the most secure way possible. So, if you’re planning on transferring money to a bank account over the Internet you can rest assured that SafeZone will protect you during the procedure.

Furthermore, all of the detect engines were improved, especially the Behavior Shield, whose stability and compatibility with the system has been greatly enhanced.

These are just the most relevant characteristics of Avast Antivirus 6.0 Beta. Of course, there are more options awaiting for you. Just keep in mind that, since this a Beta release, it’s intended for test purposes only: this means you might come across several bugs while using it. But don’t let that stop you. You can try Avast Antivirus today and take a little taste of all the powerful features to come.


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