Windows XP Professional (x32) Black Edition (2011/ENG/GENUINE)

Windows XP Professional (x32) Black Edition 

Windows XP Professional (x32) Black Edition (2011/ENG/GENUINE)
Windows XP Professional 32-bit Black Edition (2011/ENG) | 687 MB


This Windows XP was tested on a Intel Pentium 4 12 GHz Laptop and on a Intel Core 2 Duo 22 GHz Laptop.
* Unattended Installation with Prompt repair + Working WGA Keys and Windows Genuine Advantage Crack included and no Windows Activation needed.
* All Official and some Unofficial Windows XP Service Pack 3 Updates are included till 2010.4.26.
* Over 200 MB integrated drivers for SATA/ACHI LAN WLAN and Chipset (Only the drivers your Computer needs will be saved to your Hard disk drive).
* It's possible to install this Windows XP on a USB 2.0 flash drive or USB 2.0 Hard disk drive.
* A lot of Windows XP settings have been already set.
* Booting and Running is a little bit faster than a standard Windows XP because some worthless Windows XP Files and Programs are removed and all Windows XP Updates are slipstreamed.
* After the Windows XP Installation is finished it is possible choose if the Preconfigured Windows XP Settings and the Extra Programs should be implemented if nothing has been chosen in 60 seconds then the option Yes will be automatically selected.

Windows XP Professional (x32) Black Edition (2011/ENG/GENUINE)

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